When conducting sales training workshops one question I like to ask is… “how many in the room think they are in the selling business?”

It always surprises me to see the large number of hands that don’t go up. The fact is whenever goods or a service are exchanged for money, a sale is made. In reality then, sales is what every business thrives on, which makes having an effective sales system one of the most important things you can do for your business.

Naturally, the list of tactics and strategies included here is not complete; but, will hopefully inspire you to think of what might be needed in your own company.

They may be interested… but do they like you?

Your marketing has got their attention and the prospect is in front of you, your first step is to Build Rapport. You will find that you will close a much higher percentage of sales if you have good, solid rapport with your prospects. According to the Encarta Dictionary, rapport is:

“An emotional bond or friendly relationship between people based on mutual liking, trust, and a sense that they understand and share each other’s concerns”

So how do you achieve this mutual liking, trust, and sense that you share their concerns?

  • Make your prospects feel that they are working with an expert.
  • Have a sense of humor – a smile and a laugh go a long way to building rapport.
  • JUST BE CURIOUS – show that you care, be empathetic and listen attentively.
  • Find common ground; what interests, activities or life situations might you have in common.

Lastly, and most importantly, what are some of the questions you and your sales team can start asking every prospect you meet to get them feeling better about giving you their business instead of your competition?

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