Welcome To Your New Career

Are you interested in exploring a career as a professional Business Coach or Executive Coach? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

The PBCA provides world-class business coaching certification, executive coaching certification, and small business coaching certification. Becoming a business coach has never been easier!

About Business Coaching & Executive Coaching

Business and executive coaching are incredibly rewarding careers for people who thrive on helping others meet their potential.  Business and executive coaches help business owners and executives in the areas of business effectiveness and personal effectiveness.

Unlike traditional consulting, business coaches and executive coaches do not tell their clients what they should be doing.  Instead, coaches partner with their clients to help that person achieve greater clarity of objectives, priorities, strategies, plans, and actions to provide the greatest level of business and personal success for the client.

When our clients get distracted with professional or personal issues (and they all do), we work to help them get through the rough spots, but then help them get back to their initiatives so they can reach their goals.

Business and executive coaching is a booming industry for one reason:  It works!

What You’ll Love About Being A Business & Executive Coach

  • Highly relational / enjoyable work – We help people transform their businesses and their lives.
  • Significant income generating ability – Business coaches are paid a premium because the ROI is so great.
  •  Flexibility in work schedule – You make your own hours (full-time or part-time).
  • You can work from home, from an office, or from the road – With several modalities of communication (in-person, phone, Skype, etc.), you can coach clients locally or remotely.  The world is your territory!
  • Very low overhead – You can operate your own independent business coaching practice without large capital expenditures.
  • Variety of income streams – Individual coaching, group coaching, consulting, training, and fractional service offerings (such as part-time “Sales Manager” for hire, or “CFO” for hire”) are just a few of the different service-offerings you can incorporate into your practice or firm.
  • Repeat business – Business coaching is typically a retainer-based service and coaching relationships can last for years…sometimes, forever!
  • Meaningful work – What can be more rewarding than knowing that your work has had such an enormously favorable impact on another person’s life?  It’s truly awesome.
  • Additional Revenue Stream – Are you a business professional wanting to add another revenue stream to your existing practice? PBCA coaches include lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other business professionals that have been certified as professional business coaches and use business coaching to increase their income and improve their relationships with their clients, as a sideline to their current practices.

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