Become a Professional Business Coach!

Our World-Class Training Programs take place at the PBCA Canada Training Centers in Saskatoon and other cities across Canada. During each of our courses, you will learn and practice the fundamentals of professional business coaching while also learning how to start and grow your own, profitable independent business coaching practice or firm!

By the time training week ends you will be ready to:

  • Start and grow your own business coaching practice
  • Position yourself and design your business coaching service offerings
  • Market your services and use different selling strategies that will earn you paying clients
  • Use pricing models and program-types which are common among business coaches
  • Provide additional service offerings that you can incorporate into your business coaching practice (Group Coaching, Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Training, Consulting, Fractional Services, etc.)
  • Maximize the different support-services and membership benefits that are available exclusively to PBCA member-coaches and be invited to join North America’s premier alliance of independent business coaches!

But that’s not all… You will also:

  • Have knowledge and experience in using professional business coaching fundamentals with hours of practice during your training
  • Understand the business effectiveness and personal effectiveness challenges that are common among business owners and executives
  • Be familiar with business diagnostic tools, behavioral assessment tools, and tools to effectuate change
  • Create your own coaching style that is natural and authentic to your own strengths and personality, while utilizing the core competencies of professional business coaching
  • Understand modalities of communication (in-person, phone, Skype coaching, etc.)
  • Be aware of the “biggest mistakes” business coaches make and how to avoid them
  • Understand the top-qualities that separate “good” business coaches from “great” business coaches

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PBCA training for new coaches or for those coaches wanting to learn how to sell business coaching occur regularly. Put your name on the waitlist for the next course or request more information. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the Course Registration Inquiry form.

Course Schedules

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Becoming a Coach (5 day)

We offer an accelerated, low-cost program to introduce you to Business Coaching. Our extensive training “Bootcamp” is jam-packed with all the information and tools you will need.

Business of Coaching (2 day)

Are struggling or wanting to make your independent coaching BUSINESS more successful? Our 2-Day program is designed to give your business a booster shot.